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Nov 23, 2023

This week we do a FACPA Breakdown on one of the best acts in Star Wars history - the Battle of Scarif from Rogue One.  We're not alone though, we are joined by Ro from the Scarif Scuttlebutt podcast!  Check out part one of this breakdown on Ro's podcast (episode 175) and part two here. Topics include:

  • The back and forth of the land and space battles
  • Cameos galore including unused footage from A New Hope
  • Tarkin and Leia - uncanny valley or did they pull it off?
  • Director Krennic having a tough time
  • The heartbreaking K2-SO scene
  • Deleted scenes and those trailer shots we never got
  • The Gareth Edwards treatment and Tony Gilroy's involvement

In news, we high-five over the Actor's strike being resolved and take some guesses at what that might mean for future series release dates.  We also discuss some silly rumors and run through the released list of Acolyte writers. We answer all of your Maul Bag questions, do a re-giveaway for the Ahsoka grand prize and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 07:23 - The Actor's Strike is Over - Our Predictions for Release Dates
  • 12:51 - Rumors - Feige Role, Ahsoka Season 2
  • 16:53 - The Acolyte Writers
  • 18:27 - FACPA Breakdown: The Battle of Scarif (Part 2)
  • 56:24 - Maul Bag
  • 68:15 - Ahsoka Re-Giveaway
  • 70:35 - Outtakes

For the first part of our breakdown of the Battle of Scarif, go check out Episode 175 of The Scarif Scuttlebutt Podcast!

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