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Oct 17, 2023

We go back and share our thoughts on everything we saw in season one of Ahsoka. Topics include:

  • Did the show work for more casual fans or was a knowledge of Rebels and Clone Wars needed?
  • Revisiting the World Between Worlds vs. Ahsoka's mind argument
  • Characters we loved...and one or two we really didn't
  • Sabine - the future jedi?
  • Theories for season 2 - Mortis meaning, Evil Ezra, more Peridea?
  • Baylan recasting speculation

In our Question of the Week, we share your predictions for the opening scene of Ahsoka season 2. We answer all of your Maul Bag questions, play your FACPA Answering Machine messages, announce the winners of our season-long Ahsoka giveaway (did you win??) and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 03:14 - Question of the Week - Ahsoka Season 2 Opening Scene
  • 10:33 - Contracepti-Sith...a name you can trust!
  • 11:53 - A Look Back at Ahsoka Season One and What We Might See in Season 2
  • 73:15 - Maul Bag
  • 76:05 - FACPA Answering Machine
  • 85:18 - Ahsoka Giveaway!

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