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Jul 20, 2021

We continue our review of The Bad Batch with a look at 'Devil's Deal' and 'Rescue on Ryloth'. Topics include:

  • More back story on the Syndullas
  • Clone Captain Howzer has tremendous hair
  • Is Orn Free Taa dead?
  • What happened to Hera's accent when she's older and what's up with Twi'lek ears?

We're salivating at the news of...

Enter to Win the Darth Maul Hilt

Jul 12, 2021

During season 1 of The Bad Batch, you can earn entries by interacting with our show and one lucky winner will walk away with a custom-made Darth Maul Hilt (see below).

The winner will be drawn on our Bad Batch Season 1 wrap-up show. Earn entries by doing the following (limit one entry per week for tweet/email):

  • Quote...

Jul 7, 2021

We continue our review of The Bad Batch with a closer look at 'Bounty Lost' and 'Common Ground'. Topics include:

  • Omega's genetic makeup raises lots of questions
  • Is Omega force sensitive or just intuitive and smart?
  • Will we see Bane again and will he duel with Boba?
  • Is that supposed to be Norm and Cliff at Cid's...