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Nov 8, 2021

We continue our review of Star Wars Rebels by looking at the second half of season 3 (episodes 12-22).  Topics include:

  • Saw Gerrera is a bit extreme
  • But so are Kanan's training methods when it comes to Sabine
  • Ezra's ongoing guilt trips about his parents
  • Why doesn't anyone have a pillow or bedding?
  • The nuance of the Maul-Kenobi scene
    (view the Sam Witwer interview Matt references here:

In our Question of the Week, we ponder what character Matt Smith might have played in The Rise of Skywalker. In news, we break down the Book of Boba Fett trailer, discuss rumors about the content dump on Disney Plus Day, word of a new Old Republic film and speculation about the Acolyte series.  We open the Maul Bag to go over some interesting theories from the Ithorian Historian and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 5:47 - Question of the Week
  • 10:22 - Book of Boba Fett Trailer breakdown
  • 19:12 - Disney Plus Day Preview
  • 27:12 - Old Republic Film in 2023?
  • 30:37 - Rumors about The Acolyte series
  • 32:23 - Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Review (Episodes 12-22)
  • 106:00 - Maul Bag

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