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Apr 27, 2021

We continue our review of the Clone Wars with a look at season 7. Topics include:

  • The season was shot like a movie - incredible visuals
  • What's up with Anakin's hockey hair?
  • The Bad Batch is a machine
  • Heavy 'Solo' vibes from the midseason story arc
  • What a finish! Maul, Ahsoka, drama, oh my!

In our Question of the Week, we speculate on what is coming for May the 4th.  We also discuss Star Wars Detours, Andor and Mandalorian Season 3 notes, behind the scenes on the famous Luke/Leia swing and more!

Join us for the May the Fourth Be With You Medal Dash. Check here for more details and we'll share more on the show. #FACPADash

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