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Mar 3, 2023

We review Chapter 17 (The Apostate) of The Mandalorian and Season 2, Episode 11 (Metamorphosis) of The Bad Batch. Topics include:

  • Why not just retreat to the cave?
  • Pirates can't do simple addition
  • What does Bo-Katan do with her days?
  • Mount Tantiss is back!
  • Cid Vicious
  • James Cameron might want royalties from this ep

In our Question of the Week, you predicted the opening scene of The Mandalorian premier. In news, we're talking Acolyte directors as well as Mandalorian season 3 directors and the future of the show. We read your Maul Bag emails and play 'okay, stop' with your voicemails and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 05:06 - Question of the Week - The first scene of the Mandalorian premier?
  • 11:48 - The Acolyte director update
  • 13:51 - The Mandalorian season 3 directors and the future of the show
  • 18:36 - The Mandalorian Chapter 17 (The Apostate) Review
  • 51:09 - The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 11 (Metamorphosis) Review
  • 67:50 - Maul Bag

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