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May 31, 2022

We review the first two parts of Kenobi. Topics include:

  • The monotony of Ben's life
  • It's a shame what happened to Alderaan
  • Reva doesn't have time for your BS
  • Who was that clone?
  • Offered drugs from your own daughter?
  • Uhh, what just happened to the Grand Inquisitor?

Star Wars Celebration dominates the news including major updates on Andor, Mandalorian, Ahsoka and Bad Batch. We are also getting new series this fall and next year! We answer all of your Maul Bag questions and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 07:31 - Andor looks amazing
  • 15:35 - Mando panel and season 3 notes
  • 19:50 - Ahsoka = heavy Ghost crew vibes
  • 23:13 - Bad Batch season 2 trailer
  • 30:58 - New Shows - Skeleton Crew, Tales of the Jedi and more!
  • 35:46 - Kathleen Kennedy on Legacy Characters
  • 39:09 - Jedi: Survivor Video Game in 2023
  • 42:30 - The Acolyte is in good hands
  • 43:41 - Kenobi - Review of Episodes 1-2
  • 94:14 - Maul Bag

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