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Jan 29, 2024

We speculate about what we might see in the new Rey Jedi Order film including Jay's full story pitches - which one is better? Topics include:

  • Who is in the academy and where is it?
  • Who is the villain or villains?
  • What known characters will show up?
  • Rom-com vs a new sith apprentice - you choose the better movie plot!

In our Question of the Week, we share your hopes for Andor season 2 characters and storylines. In news, we talk Rey movie rumors, where else we might see her show up and the latest on the Mandalorian movie. We answer all of your Maul Bag questions, listen to the FACPA Answering machine and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 05:18 - Question of the Week - Andor season 2 plot lines
  • 16:38 - Bad Batch season 3 trailer is here!
  • 33:36 - The Rey film rumors and drama
  • 37:15 - Rey in more future films?
  • 41:07 - Mando movie mutterings
  • 45:53 - Dress in comfort and style with MeRobies
  • 47:23 - Speculating the plot of the Rey Jedi Order film
  • 74:03 - Maul Bag
  • 77:53 - FACPA Answering Machine

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