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Aug 31, 2023

We review Episode 3 (Time to Fly) of Ahsoka. Topics include:

  • Heaps more Original Trilogy/A New Hope parallels
  • Can we ALL become Jedi?
  • Senator Xiono sucks as much as his kid
  • Where'd Ahsoka get that custom spacesuit?
  • Marrok theories
  • Baylan's motivations?

In our Question of the Week, we get into possible plot lines for a Lothcat spin-off series. We answer all of your Maul Bag questions, play your FACPA Answering Machine messages and more!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 02:13 - Question of the Week - A Lothcat Series?
  • 05:44 - Contracepti-Sith saves the day!
  • 07:59 - Ahsoka Episode 3 (Time to Fly) Review
  • 42:47 - Maul Bag
  • 59:17 - FACPA Answering Machine

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